East Gippsland Cranes


Looking for a crane to hire?

At East Gippsland Cranes we have a fleet of cranes that range from our mini crawler to our 55-tonne Libherr crane. This means we are well equipped to tackle any project of any size.

55 Tonne Liebherr Crane

The Largest of our Cranes in our fleet, there isn’t much that this crane is not able to lift. From lifting great loads to lifting to great heights, the 55T Libherr Crane has you covered.

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35 Tonne Slew Crane Hire

The 35T All-Terrain Crane is a workhorse that is suited for all types of conditions, surfaces and weather. Our all-terrain crane is an extremely adaptable and versatile piece of equipment suitable for all different types of projects.

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20 Tonne Franna Hire

The 20T Franna Crane is an extremely versatile crane due to their lift and carry capabilities making them perfect for longer distance relocation, offroad use or under roof line or though roller doors for example.

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Mini Crawler Hire

This small machine really packs a punch. For those times where you need something lifted in a tight space or even in the open, the Unic mini crawler is a machine you can reply on. We also offer a prompt delivery & pick up service with our own truck that will come with the mini crawler crane at all times.

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Crane Truck

The best option for lifting materials and transporting cargo is the crane truck. We deliver strong, dependable machine with best-in-class safety features.

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Telehandler Hire

A telehandler is a versatile lifting machine that's frequently utilised in the construction business to pick and carry materials. ‘Telehandler' is a shorter` version of ‘telescopic handler,' which may be equipped with several attachments. The most frequent attachment is a pallet fork, which allows a telehandler to go beyond ordinary forklifts.

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