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Mini Crawler Hire

This small machine really packs a punch. For those times where you need something lifted in a tight space or even in the open, the Unic mini crawler is a machine you can reply on. We also offer a prompt delivery & pick up service with our own truck that will come with the mini crawler crane at all times.

Hire a Mini Crawler Crane

Our tiny crawler cranes, also known as mini spider cranes, are produced to the highest levels of excellence. Their lightweight construction and 360-degree continuous slewing with zero tail swing makes it simpler to move in places with restricted access.

Mini crawler cranes combine the best of both worlds, with compact bodies that can fit into tight access construction areas. In some circumstances, a spider crane may be used to lift objects where the soil beneath would not be able to support the entire weight of bigger cranes. As an example, imagine if you needed to carry out lifting operations on a rooftop or in a machine room.

In a restricted working space, the Mini cranes provide the best balance of working mobility. Because of their small overall measurements, these crawler cranes are built to access small areas. We will drive these cranes to your business with qualified crane operators and riggers on a daily or monthly basis.

Trusted mini crawler crane hire specialists in Victoria

Do you require a small crane that is lightweight and fits in tight spaces and difficult-to-reach locations? East Gippsland Cranes provides mini crawler crane hire in Victoria for little household and business building projects where a normal crane would be too big.

Depending on the application and the environment in which they’ll be used, we offer a variety of alternatives. This mini crawler crane is a force to be reckoned with! Our mini crawler cranes are perfect for working in confined spaces or where access is restricted, as well as areas with little working area.

With our team of professionals, we provide an extensive range of equipment for all your needs.

Do you require a mini crawler crane for your next East Gippsland moving job? Our skilled team of operators is dedicated to providing excellent outcomes and is ready to discuss your large lifting needs.

Backed by quality service and quality products, we will deliver exactly what you need when it is needed.