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Telehandler Hire

A telehandler is a versatile lifting machine that’s frequently utilised in the construction business to pick and carry materials. ‘Telehandler’ is a shorter version of ‘telescopic handler,’ which may be equipped with several attachments. The most frequent attachment is a pallet fork, which allows a telehandler to go beyond ordinary forklifts.

Telehandler is Absolutely Incredible

A Telehandler has four-wheel drive, which means it can be driven on and off-road. They're capable of moving over the roughest terrain while still being suitable for roads, making them ideal for construction, farming, and a variety of other industries. The most frequent usage for a telehandler is to move goods between areas that are inaccessible with a traditional forklift. Telehandlers can remove palletized goods from a trailer and place freight on rooftops and other high locations, which they are best suited for.

They are twice as strong as their counterparts, capable of lifting several tons of materials. Even better, the telescopic boom's flexibility enables heavy loads to be lifted at tremendous heights and distances, unlike other machinery with a shorter reach when delivering such strength. The capacity to lift loads up to usually inaccessible heights and lengths is one of the most significant benefits of a telescopic handler. A telehandler may access places that would otherwise be impossible to get to using a single-vehicle.

Providing the newest in materials handling Technology

Telehandlers are available for hire from East Gippsland Cranes in Victoria. We offer the Materials Handling equipment you need to complete any task correctly, every time, whether you’re in maintenance or construction.

In every area of our business, safety is our top concern – particularly in the field.

All of our Telehandlers are safety-focused. Our Material Handling Equipment is always up to date with the most up-to-date safety equipment, and we’re always prepared to collaborate with you to come up with a unique solution that makes your task even safer – just tell us about it!

Looking for a telehandler to help with your next project? East Gippsland Cranes offers telehandler hire services to get the job done. With a variety of machines to choose from, we have the perfect one for your needs. We also offer short and long term hires, so you can get the equipment you need when you need it. All of our telehandlers are well-maintained and reliable, so you can rest assured that you`re getting quality equipment.

East Gippsland Cranes hire is a professional company that provides cranes for hire, from small to large capacity. We will handle all of your Material Handling Equipment needs if you’re looking for something.